A 2019 report indicates that food insecurity has exploded in all the areas that Fredericksburg Regional Food Banks provide with assistance. In addition, those significantly more affected are children. While the general population’s rate of food insecurity exists at 8.1% in the City of Fredericksburg, and Caroline, King George, Orange, Spotsylvania, and Stafford Counties, the children’s rate is 11.7%. Speculation suggests that this is due to pandemic and inflation issues.

In these communities, the overall food insecurity is as low as 6.3% of Stafford County’s population tand as high as 14.9% in the city of Fredericksburg.

More importantly, a recent analysis indicates that 41% of our community residents suffering from food insecurity lack the necessary program requirements to qualify for federal nutrition assistance. Unfortunately, due to a 2 year pandemic we are confident these stats are very conservative. What this means is that charitable food assistance programs such as SERVE, which has been in existence since 1979, must do more to help struggling families.

By utilizing important strategic partnerships, enlisting volunteer help and donations, SERVE can directly impact our community, meet the emergency needs of children, individuals, and families in economic crisis. Help us help them by offering a hand up to those in need and in so doing give them a road to self-sufficiency.

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